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About Custom Paving & Sealcoating
My great grandfather and grandfather opened up a paving business in 1961.
What they thought to be just a little business turned in to something more. It turned in to 4 generation of a family owned and operated company.We have been around for many years and many more to come where people have tried to become pavers many have failed. We know what is important. 
1.Great relationship and communication with our  customers.
2. BE HONEST.If it can not be done or if we think it will not work for you,we will NOT just do the job to make a quick buck. 
3.Provide the best materials possible. IF it sounds  cheap there is a reason why.
4.Keep customers happy. Make sure they are completely SATISFIED.returning customers are important.  60 percent of our work is recommendation. 

We would just like to thank everyone for all the support that we get. It is great to have a business in the Hudson Valley.   Thank You!! 

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